Supernova Treats is a one woman show, and a home-based business. My name is Amanda, and my dog's name is Nova (or Supernova!)

I do this part-time aside from my full-time day job.

It began when I realized how much garbage was in many pet store brands, like toxic dyes, preservatives, fillers that had no reason to be there other than to make the package "bigger". I wanted my dog to have the best treats possible. So I started making them!

I worked at a brewery in Bells Corners at the time and gave them out to some doggies who attended the very popular bingo nights. Someone suggested I start selling them... so I did! I really didn't expect it to become as successful as it has, but I am grateful. 

You can be assured that a lot of care goes into the recipes. We are candid and awesome. We will always own up to mistakes (because it's one person running a small business - sometimes they happen) and we always want to connect with our customers and take suggestions.