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Supernova Treats

All natural & preservative free
dog treats made in Barrhaven!
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Apple Honey Oat Treats

I run a grooming salon! Dog’s are so nervous most of the time they won’t even take a treat from me or their owner! For some reason Supernova Treats are a hit and most dogs who usually wouldn’t, DO! Highly recommended

Kayla Ruhs

Luna LOVES her treats from here and I love how they are made with ingredients that are good for her (and that I can pronounce!)

Emma DeKemp

Honestly can’t say enough good things about Supernova treats. I put in a last minute custom order (from across the border nonetheless) & they were extremely responsive and easy to work with. Plus my grandparents golden hasnt stopped wagging her tail since she scarfed her pupcake!

Ally Pilley